February 14, 2013

George Sakellaris’ R/P 72 Shockwave not exactly screaming off the starting line on Friday’s Pineapple Cup – Montego Bay Race start. Later in the race, double digit reaching conditions prevailed, bringing Shockwave close to breaking the elapsed time record and making a “clean sweep” for the race. (First to Finish, First in IRC division and First Overall).
A gala Jamaican awards party at Montego Bay Yacht Club is set for Friday evening, February 15th, where Shockwave will be awarded the Pineapple Cup overall trophy. Congratulations to all the Shockwave crew.

 Feb 13, 2014

Having proved her mettle for inshore racing, Shockwave, driven by owner
George Sakellaris, followed up her recent Key West victory with a near
record breaking performance in the 2013 Montego Bay Race. Stretching 810
miles Ft. Lauderdale to Montego Bay, Jamaica, Shockwave and her crew were
able to complete the course in an impressive 2 days, 11 hrs and 23 minutes
and missed the course record by a mere 58 minutes. On corrected time, she
also won the IRC division.

February 11, 2013
George Sakellaris’ Shockwave was first to finish last night in this 2013 Pineapple Cup – Montego Bay Race. They had an awesome race at 2 days, 11 hours, 23 minutes and 10 seconds, though they came up short of breaking the elapsed time record of 2 days, 10 hours, 24 minutes and 42 seconds set by Titan 12 in 2005. Donnybrook finished a few hours later.
The match racing event between Icefire and Lucky has Icefire out in front by several miles at this point. Check the live race results page and keep up with the tracking as the rest of the fleet heads for Montego Bay.

February 10, 2013
The tracker on Decision was accidentally broken. The boat and crew are all fine and no outside assistance is required.
Lew – Decision
Day 2 Report
The winds were steady throughout the night building in the early morning hours. If the breeze stays strong, this will be a fast race overall.
James Muldoon’s Donnybrook, has been unable to catch George Sakellaris’ 72′ R/P Mini Maxi Shockwave after getting caught in the Gulf Stream during the lull yesterday. Shockwave is currently making 17 – 18 knots on the last leg of the race. There has been some speculation that they may break Titan 12′s elapsed time record of 2 days, 10 hours, 24 minutes and 42 seconds. If the breeze keeps up, they may have a lot to celebrate in Montego Bay.
The TP-52′s, Ralf Steit’s IceFire and Bryon Ehrhart’s Lucky continued to match race during the night and currently Lucky holds a slim lead on Icefire, a reverse of yesterdays update.
The close match up of Stephen Murray’s Decision V and Mark Glimcher’s Catapult presently has Decision V out in front. Michael Hennessy’s Dragon in PHRF took a chance and went inside Cat Island hoping to get ahead. Turned out the outside was favored and Catapult was ahead by a few miles when they passed the tip of Cat. Now it’s to catch up.
Many boats have passed the halfway mark in this 811nm race. If the strong breeze keeps up, many will make it for the Early Bird Cocktail Party on Tuesday at Montego Bay Yacht Club. Stay tuned and see if the 2005 record is broken tonight!
Record Broken?
Could this be the year that breaks Titan 12′s elapsed time course record of
2 days, 10 hours, 24 minutes, 42 seconds? Currently, Shockwave is out in front and flying. Watch the race tracking to find out.

February 9, 2013
And they were off with kites flying in a warm 10 knot westerly wind that preceded the cold front tail that the big northeast storm “Nemo” was sending our way…..But not so fast!
After a mid-day start, the initial northwest wind was predicted to clock to the north/northeast and increase during the evening and early morning. But in the late afternoon into the evening hours there was a several hour lull before the expected shift, and many of the fleet got caught with very light winds right in the middle of the gulfstream, sending them drifting to the north of the rhumb line.
George Sakellaris’ 72′ R/P MiniMaxi Shockwave, leading the fleet, managed to get past Great Isaac Light before being swept north by the gulfstream currents and held close to the rhumb line. The rest of the fleet were not so fortunate, and many were caught in almost no breeze before the predicted north wind filled in.
James Muldoon’s Donnybrook, Shockwave’s”rival for line honors was one of the unlucky that just missed getting out of the northerly current and fell just behind. Now they are fighting to play catch-up to the slightly smaller boat.
Following the two leaders, a duo of TP-52′s, Ralf Steit’s IceFire and Bryon Ehrhart’s Lucky battled it out in the light winds apparently trading places during the night depending on who had the better breezes. IceFire currently holds a very slim lead on Lucky.
In another close rating race, Stephen Murray’s Decision and Mark Glimcher’s Catapult were struggling in the light winds of Friday night, with Decision seeming to come out ahead according to the latest tracking info.
The fleet is now in stronger breezes and reaching toward Eleuthera Island in stable northeast winds that are predicted to increase during the next day and clock further to the east-northeast.
Stay tuned!
Ken Batzer
Race Co-Chairman


Bow / Sail Number / Yacht Name / Yacht Design / Owner/Skipper / Status / Rating / Finish Time / Elapsed Time / Corrected Time / Class / Fleet

1 USA 60272
Mini Maxi George Sakellaris 1.572 11/Feb/13 – 00:28:10 2:11:23:10 3:21:21:17 1 1

2 USA 60292
IRC 52 Ralf Steitz USMMA 1.378 11/Feb/13 – 09:44:35 2:20:39:35 3:22:36:47 2 2

3 USA 52152
TP 52 Bryon Ehrhart 1.361 11/Feb/13 – 11:49:46 2:22:44:46 4:00:17:07 3 3

Shockwave Jamaica Crew list 2013

Bow/Drive:  Andy Mieklejohn

Bow:  Sam Loughborough

Pit:  Scotty Gregory

Pit/safety:  Jason Carr

Sewer/cook:  Guy Standbridge

Sewer:  Peter Kingsbury

Trim: Liam Newman

Trim/Drive: Reggie Cole

Grind: Sting

Grind: Joe Fanelli

Grind: Matt Mialik

Trim/Drive: Nick Bonner

Runner: Cam Wills

Drive: George Sakellaris

Drive/trim: Richard Bouzaid

Nav:  Andrea Visintini

Tact:  Robbie Doyle

Tender: Billy Burke

Coordinator: Leah Riley

Shore Crew: Reid Fleming


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